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We had a great team that winter and even played some of the teams in the Bundesleague the top national league and played Munich from the southern division in the playoffs.

ECD did not win the German third level national championship, but came close. In the spring of our thoughts turned to softball.

We were invited to join the Canadian Corporals softball league. Shortly after that we decided to form a committee to oversee all the Canadian Corporals sports leagues so that we would always have quality continuity from season to season.

The Canadians elected me to head the organization. It was the best job I ever had in my life. Our softball team played with great enthusiasm, but lacked the talent the basketball team had been blessed with.

We had a fair amount of decent position players, but never landed a decent pitcher. Our only pitcher was a crazy guy named Toeller from West Virginia.

I remember going to the train depot in Hemer to meet new arriving troops several times that summer, and the first question out of my mouth was always, "Can you pitch?

Early that summer, however, a great natural athlete did arrive. His name was Tyrone Dixon and he was from Baltimore.

He was a handsome young black man with a perfect smile, a totally sweet disposition and enormous talent at every sport he tried.

We made up a story that he had played for the Baltimore Orioles before being drafted and told the story to all the Canadians and they bought it.

Tyrone was totally embarassed, but we had a lot of fun with it. Everyone kept asking him for his autograph. That summer we became great friends with the corporals of the PPCLI and whenever we did not have a league game on Sundays we would invite them over to play a non-counting game and then they would invite us over to their mess.

The party lasted until 4 a. They considered us their best friends and our entire unit was given the day off to attend their trooping of the colors and we were all given front row seats seated behind us were several generals of other NATO armies and other dignitaries.

Nine parties followed and we drank until the middle of the night. It was the only world-class social event of my lifetime. I used my leave time for several great trips while I was in Germany.

Easter weekend of I went to Paris with a whole busload of Canadians for four days and amazingly funny things happened during that trip.

During the fall of that year I went on a three-day beer glass buying trip to Brussels, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Bremerhaven with a couple Canadian friends.

Early in I took a trip to Bad Homburg to play in the casino there and then went on to Munich for a few days. My all-time favorite, however, was Stockholm.

I was fortunate enough to take three trips to Sweden and spent more than a month of leave-time there. I also spent some time in Hamburg and Copenhagen.

In October of it was time to return home. My two years in Deilinghofen were the happiest, most successful and most special years of my life.

Life has never again been so sweet. I still have a great appreciation for Canadians and a great love for their country.

Usually in the summer I get to Vancouver weekends and once in a while I get to Victoria. About five years ago I joined a walking club up there.

After thinking about it for a few weeks, in May I decided to try and find some of my old German and Canadian friends. As I said earlier, I have had little success so far, but I do have reason to believe it will happen eventually.

If you are interested in Deilinghofen, the super-site there is: Dick, it was really great to hear from you. I hope your time with the 69th was as enjoyable as mine, and I would really enjoy hearing from you about your memories of your time there.

Was the 69th disbanded at that time and were you one of the final troops? Email from Jay Wilcox, to the Webmaster, August Thank you for your message.

Dick Murphy sent me a link to the appropriate part of your website a couple weeks ago and I really enjoyed it and I forwarded it on to a couple friends who were there at that time.

I deeply admire all the work you have put into the site and it is wonderful to know that the history of all those who served will live on on the Internet.

Yes, I would definitely consider it an honor to have any of the information I sent to Dick be a part of your wonderful website. I actually sent that message to Dick in June of , so I had fun re-reading it again when I received it from you.

One important date included in that message is just slightly incorrect. I have located a calendar on the Internet and found that Bob Vance and I arrived in Hemer on the evening of January 3, , not January 4.

It might interest you to know that a couple months after I sent that message to Dick in I was able to find four of the men I served with in the 69th and found some information about several others.

Tyrone Dixon who served two tours with the 69th , Bill Toler and Sgt. Jackson was living in Princeton, WV.

I found no one else until the past eight months. I have since located three of my best German friends from those years plus "Duck" Goyeau, a former member of the 1 SSM who was the first Canadian I met in Germany and I also found Charlie Brooks, my old roommate in the 69th.

He now teaches high school in North Carolina but he did return to Germany after leaving the Army and spent 25 years teaching in the Iserlohn area.

If you need any more information about the first two years of the 69th I would be glad to help so please feel free to contact me at any time.

Dick Murphy is the ultimate source of information about the unit during the late 60s and he has been in contact with many others who served with the unit during the 70s, 80s and early 90s.

A couple years ago he wrote a history of the unit. Charlie Brooks would also be a good source of information because he lived in Iserlohn during those years and knew many of the people who served with the 69th over a long period of time.

Dick and Charlie and I are all good sources for information about the years the unit was located in Fort MacLeod in Deilinghofen, but Charlie probably knows more about the years after the unit moved to Menden than anyone else.

At that time, the unit was located on Fort Prince of Wales in Deilinghofen. The d Ordnance Company was co-located with th. I served under two different th Group Commanders: Gray and Bailey B.

The th was an O-6 level Brigade command, and we had two commanders during this period: Anderson was his Deputy. Gray , Parks , and Blount were West Point graduates.

The storage site was fully operational and located a few kilometers away, on the back road to Menden. There were approximately 50 personnel assigned to the unit, including 5 single side band SSB radio personnel who were attached.

The NCOs were seasoned and experienced, and at least a half-dozen of them had fought in the Korean War. In , no one in the 69th had yet served in Viet Nam, but in a young Corporal arrived wearing the 1st Cavalry Division patch on his right shoulder.

By the time I left in , this young Corporal was still the only one in the unit with experience in Viet Nam, although nearly everyone departing the unit was either separating or was on their way to Viet Nam.

The average tour for officers was less than 2 years, with enlisted tours being slightly longer. Except for draftees on 2 year tours, most soldiers were ultimately sent to Viet Nam.

Promotion came quickly in those days - a Second Lieutenant made First Lieutenant in one year, Captain in just two.

From my perspective, life seemed good for soldiers in the 69th. Inspections came in spurts, and providing you passed, you were pretty much left alone.

The training day consisted of some Technical Training, military classes, and of course there was the inevitable guard duty at the Site.

Shifts of 3, all night, with the next day off. For the officers and E-6s and above, there was EMAS duty with a required 5 minute response time to certain message traffic.

In addition, the Beverage Bar made a lot of money for the unit, most of which went back into renovations for the Day Room. Around payday, soldiers had a tendency to head downtown to spend their money.

Food in the Mess Hall was good. I had two Mess Sergeants: Both were excellent, and I never heard anyone complain about the chow.

Relations with the Canadians and the Brits were strong. While I was there we began to train with them more often, and on several occasions we deployed to the field Hohne with the SSM Battery.

Because of the distance to Menden and the 50th, we spent less time with the Brits than was the case later, particularly after the Canadians moved south to Lahr and Baden Baden in Nevertheless, relations with both units were good, and a fair bit of joint training was done with both 1SSM and the 50th.

Years later, I believe the 69th moved from Prince of Wales to Menden to co-locate with 50th. In those days, sports were popular, particularly baseball and basketball, although a few tried to skate with the Canadians, with only limited success.

Mail and finance support was provided by the th HQ in Munster, while rations and PX items were picked up in Kassel.

We made daily runs to Munster for mail, and twice weekly to Kassel for PX supplies. Payday was the old fashioned pay line, with soldiers filing through, getting paid in cash U.

The exchange rate was consistently 4 DM to the dollar, and never fluctuated more than a penny or two, until the dollar was "floated" by the U.

I was the Pay Officer nearly every month for two years and only once do I remember the rate being other than 4: The small PX we operated at the 69th was popular with the Canadians.

Popular items were parts for U. Some time after I left there was bit of a scandal involving the "mark up" of stereo components, and one of the U.

He survived, was sent to Viet Nam in , and got out upon his return. I left the 69th in February of , enroute to Viet Nam.

I stayed in touch with some of the soldiers with whom I served, including some of the Canadians. In fact I married a Canadian schoolteacher, and we just celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary last month.

A number of others I ran into over the years, mostly at Fort Sill where I spent three separate tours following my return from Viet Nam. In , in one of the last ceremonies I witnessed on the Old Post Quadrangle at Fort Sill before my own retirement, was the inactivation ceremony of all of the SASCOM Goups, and the casing of their colors, including the th Artillery Group, symbolizing the inactivation of the 69th.

Whereas in , most positions authorized a Captain had one, by most were filled by Lieutenants. By that time, the only Captains to be found in Europe were those who had already completed a Viet Nam tour as Fritz Muller, commander of the 81st had.

To meet the demand for company-level commanders in Viet Nam, branch assignment officers put Artillery officers on orders to Viet Nam as soon as they reached the promotion point to Captain.

This roster is not complete - please submit corrections or additional names if you know of former members from this period.

Personnel Roster - Thanks to Dick Murphy and other members of the 69th. Others assigned to the Det Sp4 Andrew later Lt.

Sp5 later E8 Norm Andrew. Sp5 Richard Gehner returned as 1SG. Our only affiliation with 2d Field Regt was that we were on the same installation.

Our detachment supported both 24 and 50 Missile Regiments , in Dortmund and Hemer respectively. Both 24 and 50 Missile Regts were equipped with Honest John rocket at that time.

The Honest John rocket is a general support artillery weapon. We had consolidated all the assets in one location for technical operations training.

Training was a challenge. The most critical mission we had was security of the warhead storage site as well as maintaining proficiency on the command and control system and the associated comms.

Billeted in Block bldg. I have very little detail on the 9th except that it apparently supported a British heavy regiment equipped with nuclear capable 8-inch SP howitzers.

The 69th was organized as follows: Email from Greg "Mark" Borgeson. I was there when the Wall came down. We were on alert for several days while Washington decided what was going to happen.

We did lots of training, a few weeks in the field annually and of course guard duty at the site. We had three platoons with an additional platoon of the HQ slackers I think we had one Volkwagen van and a couple of Deuces.

The 50th Missile was our only customer and they supplied all of our transport. Can you say Bedford? In a sleeping bag? After reading the other info on your site about the past not much had really changed.

Daily trips to Muenster and a few trips to Giessen weekly for PX and getting out of another class on the sucking chest wound.

We did a quarterly cycle of training so in the 2. Guard was rotated between the three platoons on a weekly basis. Guardmount was too early for a hung over PFC.

I made it but there were a couple of times that there was a no smoking sign on my body armor. I might have blown up. There were random "piss tests" each month.

Not a very effective measure since I never got busted. Man, I wanted that go home early card but I never got it. I was the RTO for 2nd platoon and I held the dubious honor of having been promoted to E3 three times.

He was a huge guy but he left soon after I got there. My last platoon leader was LT Rainey. Sorry about the boots. I was an ass and you suffered for it.

We had a mess hall but the Mess Daddy had lots of trouble getting us to eat there. I only took passes while I was in so I could get out with terminal leave sooner.

Honestly, while the Army taught me many good things, I hated it and I wanted out. I owe Captain Hawley a big "Thanks" for not pitching me out in the last few months of my tour.

I deserved a discharge for some of the stuff I did but he saw I was a dumb kid and he helped me despite myself. I was a total pain in the ass but that made me less of a problem for them In hindsight I regret many of my actions and words while I was there.

On the positive side my father was living in Dusseldorf during my tour so I got to see him several time a month. That time with him was good for both of us.

Life is much better here, a bit slower too. I have a wife and a couple of the cutest kids on the planet and I am working as a telephone technician.

I was glad to see that Herman had made the barracks into housing. There was a big web site about the remodel but it might be gone now.

There was a german and off limits too biker bar in Menden that played lots of Deep Purple. Several times I took some guys and we went to Dusseldorf to drink.

New years eve of was a rough one and we almost wound up in Berlin. The train back from Dusseldorf kept going to the border and we had to stay awake to make a connection.

If you have other contact with folks from my time in the 69th please feel free to give them my email address.

Now to the questions: In the Regiment began its conversion to a nuclear role with Honest John. This was completed by Initial organization of 24th Msl Regt RA: The unit became the first GW regiment in the British army and were equipped with the Corporal missile.

The regiment remained in Napier Barracks until the end of During this time rumours were abound as to the regiments next tour of duty.

A regimental muster parade was called at the gymnasium and on display were two 5. This is your new equipment we were told and in January the regiment moved to Devizes in Wiltshire where it took its role as 27 Medium Regiment as part of 3rd Division and the Strategic Reserve.

This time to a small town called Lippstadt. The regiment was equipped with the American M Self propelled Howitzer.

By the end of the year plans for the return of the remaining Corporal warheads to the United States were complete.

The Royal Regiment of Artillery website at http: This was to become home for the next 35 years. Initial organization of 39th Hvy Regt RA: Bty 8" gun ?

In an unusual parade the Battery drove yards out of Dempsey Barracks, turned around, replaced vehicle identification marks and drove back into camp as H Battery, Royal Artillery.

This change of role also involved a change of organisation. Some five years later, Battery and Battery rejoined the Regiment in the conventional M Field Gunnery role and 56 Battery converted to a special weapons battery, equipped with M I need confirmation on this.

Initial organization of 47th Regt RA: In , the Regiment was again re-equipped, this time with the mm Pack Howitzer.

Email from David Vickers. Initial organization of 50th Msl Regt RA: Shortly after the demise of Honest John in , the Regiment amalgamated with 24th Missile Regiment and reverted to four Missile Batteries.

All four batteries were equipped with the Lance System. A further re-organisation in saw the disbandment of 51 Missile Battery which left the Regiment with three Missile Batteries 19, 36 and 15 Msl Bty of four launcher sections.

It was the only nuclear capable weapon system used by the Canadian Army. Its mission was to use its nuclear capabilities to prevent the Canadian Brigade from being overrun if conventional weapons failed to contain Soviet forces in the event of an attack by the Soviets.

The Battery became "nuclear certified" in September A team of the 69th Arty Det provided custodial support. The author, John Clearwater, assumes that there were 16 Ws assigned to the Canadian battery, 4 warheads per launcher.

The warheads were stored at the Hemer SAS special ammo storage? Apparently, the nuclear warheads of two other units probably British and most likely NATO units also supported by the 69th Arty Det were stored at the same site, totalling about 48 W warheads.

It was given a "satisfactory" rating with no deficiencies found. The unit participated in its last field exercise, "Exercise Gravy Train," in May and had its final parade on 1 June The unit was disbanded on 1 July In this capacity, the 69th operated safe and secure "igloos" for storgae of nuclear warheads at or near Hemer, Germany.

Protection was provided by a dedicated mechanised infantry battalion and the whole organisation was given the title Weapons Support Group WSG.

In a further reorganisation witnessed the disbandment of the RCT close support troops and the reorganisation of the remaining RPC manpower into four defence platoons.

It was marked by a Regimental parade which not only commemorated the re-roling of the Regiment from its special weapons task, but also marked the disbandment of Signals Troop and the removal from the Regimental ORBAT of the RPC close support platoons.

In the meantime, 27 Squadron RCT had been disbanded. The Squadron returned to Catterick on 17 April The Regiment is in the process of adapting to the continuing changes taking place in the British Army.

However, the Regiment will continue to have an operational and training commitment to provide the second line logistic support to the MLRS regiments of 1st Artillery Brigade when required.

The Nuclear Convoy Escort Battalion , an infantry unit, was attached to the Regiment to provide security. In , the infantry battalion was disbanded and the security role was reassigned to 8 Regt, with six platoons of Royal Pioneer Corps and four of RCT assuming the responsiblity for all aspects of security during movement of the "special weapons.

The Royal Artillery regiments left with a nuclear role assumed the responsibility of collecting and transporting the remaining nuclear warheads for themselves.

Some units assigned to the Regiment in the s, s: In a wartime situation, the th Arty Gp would send nuclear weapons liaison officers to both I Corps Main headquarters and I Corps Rear, and courier officers to the two SW forward storage sites to which all British-allocated warheads are outloaded.

Each storage site has a US Army Field Artillery detachment assigned which is responsible for handling the warheads and shells and issuing them to the user units after they have been armed.

Additional notes on the British storage sites: It was pretty small site 2 weapon bunkers and I have no idea what number it was. Site Guards took two weeks out of your life — a week of training and a week on the site.

They came around about once a year and were shared around most British Army units on a roster. The Guard was 3 platoons of I was in an artillery support transport squadron at the time 6 Arty Sp Sqn RCT so the OSF was commanded by my Troop Staff Sergeant and I commanded the Augmentation Force AF based in a building at the front gate of the site, basically another platoon of 30 men at, I think 10 minutes notice to reinforce the perimeter of the site.

The week basically consisted of total boredom punctuated by crash outs initiated either by me, or by the US guys in the site — it was always an impressive sight to see 60 heavily armed men bomb bursting around the area when the klaxon went.

We had a real fright on one of my weeks at Neheim when the DO at 50 Msl Regt rang up and gave the real attack codeword instead of the practice one.

We nearly had the most enormous blue on blue — it was the RF coming to our aid! It was partly fun — a chance to do some infantry stuff, guard special weapons and carry lots of live ammo but mainly a real bore.

The novelty always wore off quickly after the klaxon had gone quiet. Still, it used to get my adrenaline going!

Email from Mik Howarth, 13 Sqn. I was a Driver They had a floor below my accomodation and I can remember a guy who I shared a beer with a few times.

We used to outload a site in Munster and it was nukes and main motor assemblies. We used to have one Brit and one American in the cab when we did our exercise training.

I was responsible for all incomming units site guard communications. I retired from the army in but continued working for the Ministry Of Defence in East Yorkshire training the people of the Combat Support Services in the field of Telecommunications.

I still have contact with many people who served in 8 Regt since including one individual who spent many years working as Quartermaster US Forces and would have a wealth of information if he is willing to give it.

I would remind you that 8 Regt was the largest regiment in the British Army during the Eighties and was made up of people from 27 other Corps in addition to the RCT.

Email from John Walker, with the R. Their barracks and offices were located just inside the main gate.

Royal Artillery Association - great site with lots of historical information on the Royal Artillery regiments of the British Army. In the late s, the Belgian Army gained nuclear capability with the introduction of the Honest John surface-to-surface missile and, later, with dual-capable tube artillery mm.

These corps-level missile battalions appear to have been composed of a headquarters battery and two firing batteries of two mm HJ launchers each.

Both units were placed under Corps Artillery command. The s brought about more changes. One of the subordinate units of 13A was the Belgian 30 Transportation Company.

It provided the warhead transportation support. This unit provided physical security services at the depot and might have been attached to 13A.

Rock You Like A Hurricane ft. Rudolph Schenker Formats and special features: Bonus DVD includes the following content: After my old Studio burned down to the ground in april , i am back after a lot of work, pain and hope to launch my brandnew KidPoolStudio!

And the entire Voss family!!! Check out the pics as well. Thanx for the passionate support. This one goes out for you,best michael march The third C.

Christian Tolle and me co-produced 12 tracks between summer and winter with a very pleasing outcome: Performed with an incredible amount of energy the album contains a powerful mixture of hard hitting Heavy Rock tracks, catchy hooklines and some of the best voices in the genre: Also a few friends joined Christian on the guitar: The new label home was provided by Georg Siegl of AOR Heaven who always has been a fan of Luley and gave the whole project the kick off.

Klaus Luley ; Drums: Chris Elbers Gary Barden ; Bass: The brand new disk continues the chosen path of reflecting a single coherent and passionate story in a musical and lyrical song cycle.

The dramatic content of the album digs deeper than in previous records however. The record transport the listener into a 64 minutes uninterrupted journey into the borderline existence of a troubled soul.

His life hits rock bottom as he gets fired by his band and divorced by his wife. Joey falls into a spiral of cynicism and abuse. Standing on the brink of the void he manages to pull himself back and chooses life through the affirmation of music and love.

The band Once again Holggy Begg has managed to collect a respectable number of guest musicians. Of course, his close friend and collaborator Michael Voss Michael Schenker Band is present as a co-writer, singer and lead-guitar player.

The Italian poet Rosa E. Haas has also returned, writing most of the lyrics, and can now be considered a permanent member of the band. The fourth long time collaborator is Fritz Schneider, who plays acoustic guitar.

On drums, Mark Schulman P! Me And You Bad To The Bone Shock Me Now Five Knuckle Shuffle Whole Lotta Metal Jans End Piece Paint This Town With SPV on our side, the new studio album and the original line-up we are ready to burn the stage again!

D-Hannover - Capitol NL-Weert - De Bosuil GB-London - Underworld D-Langen - Neue Stadthalle Langen D-Kaufbeuren - All-Karthalle CH-Pratteln - Z7 D-Erfurt - HsD D-Berlin - Columbia Club D-Bochum - Zeche February, 27th Dutch rock legend Vengeance is back with a musical bang: Goewie comments the worldwide collaboration with the german Hanover based label enthusiastically: We finally found our home and together we have many ways to make the fans rock!

The new album rocks big time and will bring a huge smile on the face of every fan! More than ever before, this is a band which consists of friends, comments Goewie, whose excellent reputation as an exceptional vocalist made this impressive line-up possible: The first time Barden appeared in the scene was as part of the newly formed MSG Michael Schenker Group founded by the former Scorpions guitarist of the same name.

Their first collaboration resulted in the highly acclaimed album The Michael Schenker Group which was released in Their second album MSG saw the light of day in and followed an even more melodic direction than its predecessor.

After the following world tour Barden was informed that he was no longer part of the band and replacement was found soon in ex-Rainbow singer Graham Bonnet.

Their working period was short and so was the collaboration between Bonnet and Schenker. Barden moved on and found a new home in the business together with ex- Thin Lizzy six-string Brian Robertson and the band Statetrooper, who put out their highly acclaimed self-titled debut album in and played a couple of live shows in the following months.

Statetrooper finally re-united in and put out the classy new record The Calling. With his long time pal Michael Voss Casanova, Bonfire and a couple of friends he went back to the roots to perform his bluesy smoky songs that will touch your soul and are exemplified on the release Agony and the Xtasy ESM In the more rockier Love and War ESM was released by Escape Music and it has been a long anticipated wait for the next chapter.

Gary now presents us with Eleventh Hour which features 11 tracks of hard rock brilliance. These new songs are fresh and exciting and Gary has poured his heart and soul into them.

Once again Michael Voss is ever present and the end result is just perfect. This is a hard hitting rock album that highlights what a great singer Gary is, his contribution to the British rock scene is just legendary.

Manager Bob Ringe was the mastermind behind the union, and there are some very special surprises up their collective sleeves for this excursion.

Following sets by each of these legends, the evening will climax with a jam of all 3 Heroes on stage together, with special guests earmarked to join them in most markets.

My manager Bob and I have been discussing a run like this for ages, and when the opportunity came up I hopped on board. That s right the guy who just had his leg amputated.

These guys are monster players and this should be a lot of fun. Michael Schenker offers, It is very exciting to be part of a tour that has very deeply rooted connections with two guitarists that have been at their best since the start of their careers.

When I was around 14 years-old, I saw a guy on stage playing amazing guitar. It was Uli, and he was around my age. I knew my brother Rudolf and Klaus were in good hands.

When I was 16 years old, Leslie West was one of my favorite guitarists. He had just recorded "Theme for an Imaginary Western" with Mountain, a song featuring one of my all time favorite lead-breaks on it.

Looking back, Leslie is the last guitarist I ever copied seeing that from when I was 17 on, I went completely my own way. So, here we are after all these years on stage together, celebrating the phenomenon Rock Guitar.

The 3 Guitar Heroes Tour Dates: Michael Schenker is a German rock legend. He was a founding member of the Scorpions, and the lead guitarist for UFO prior to launching a highly successful solo career.

Schenker is one of the most notorious figures in rock, and enters with health, an eye for the future, and a legend that precedes him.

The track album features an all star band accompanying the guitarist and an introduction spoken by William Shatner. If you have a chance get to hold of the new issue of: Strangers in the night coming up.

Enjoy the video we shot during rehearsals in brighton. More activities are expected ! Together they have penned several of the greatest songs made since the 80s, with Michael Schenker composing the music and Gary Barden providing the lyrics.

Both during and in between his collaborations with Michael Schenker, Gary Barden also worked with various other bands such as Praying Mantis, Statetrooper and Silver and also as a solo artist.

Songs which have shaped his career, given it a direction or which kick-started it back when he was a teenager. The recordings are his tribute to his idols and to the immortal songs of the time.

The producer Michael Voss and Gary Barden have poured their soul into capturing the distinctive atmosphere and beauty of the music, breathing new life into the compositions of these tremendous songwriters.

My love for these songs will never die. Enjoy these songs from a long bygone, but truly wonderful, time. You will hear how broad my musical influences are.

There are a few surprises in store. When A Blind Man Cries 5. Why Did You Do It 7. Stay With Me 9. The Long And Winding Road Zeit macht nur vor dem Teufel halt Wer die Konzerte im kleineren Rahmen im letzten Jahr verpasst hat, sollte die Gelegenheit nutzen, Krause unplugged zu erleben.

Hamburg Seeterrassen 21h www. Schauenburg-Elgershausen Elgerhaus h Kutenholz Festhalle 21h www. And immediately following the broadcast, fans will be able to download the 9 minute track from www.

There after Mike Tramp permits anyone to place the song on their website for free download. The song and Download-Player will be available from www.

Tramps says that the song always needed to stand by it self and never felt that he could include it in any form for commercial album.

Ronnie brought so much melody to heavy metal, it was a great change. Tramp says that with Ronnie gone, so is the space and throne he occupied, and no one can and will replace him or even fill his shoes.

Mike Tramp Performed by: Soren Andersen Mixed by: Michael Voss, at Kidroom-Music, Germany. Free download from www. The single is the openings track from the in September world wide released album Better Yet from Heerink.

It is the remarkable third career for the 57 years young singer. Bert Heerink became very successful in the 90s as solo artist in the Netherlands after singing the tunes for a beer commercial.

His following solo album even became gold. The release of the latest album last September means a renewed English international singing career.

The album itself was already successful in the Japanese charts and another track All Fired Up had been adopted by the famous Dutch TT Circuit as the seasons tune for this year before the single Panic Attack now became a hit.

The fact that Bert Heerink is touring with his band to promote the album is a certain reason for the unexpected success. The single will soon be released in Germany as well and may well be the successor off the popular song Shame on you from the album Voices of Rock 2, one of the best sold rock albums in Germany last year.

Mark Sweeney releases his second solo-record since All In impressively reveals the sound of rock for The 12 titles on the new record were produced by rock-icon Michael Voss and others including, but not limited to: Die Preisverleihung fand am Wagner in der Semperoper: Jonas Kaufmann und Christian Thielemann.

Foto c Matthias Creutziger. Die Preisverleihung wurde von SAT. The voice of this German tenor is one of the wonders of the modern world.

Combining a wondrously mellow tone with huge, apparently. William Hartston, Daily Express. His phrasing was exquisitely shaped, and his projection - underscored by distant horn-calls - was perfect, with its gentle falls into half-voice; his whole being radiated ardent nobility.

His vocal authority was matched by physical energy. Kaufmann embodies the part perfectly. His interactions were outstanding.

Kaufmann brings to the part a full-throated heroic tone that also magically floats in response to the nuances of the text.

Andrew Clark, Financial Times. When I listen to Wagner, this is how I dream it should sound. What a gift for the th anniversary of the composers birth.

John Terauds, Musical Toronto. His stamina is amazingly impressive as well: Mark Pullinger, opera britannia. Hugh Canning, The Sunday Times. Kaufmann is in his glory, equally adept in German, Italian and French repertory.

Handsome and limber, he is a natural onstage. The baritonal colorings of his sound, his clarion top notes, the blend of virility and tenderness in his singing, his refined musicianship — all these strengths come together in his distinctive Parsifal.

Manuela Hoelterhoff, Bloomberg News. In der viel diskutierten Inszenierung von Robert Lepage sind u. Zwei weitere Wagner-Premieren mit Jonas Kaufmann.

Con i pianissimi, le messe. Die fragile Opferrolle, die ihm Claus Guth verordnet, beglaubigt er mit vokalem Charisma.

Und er wird es: Das teilt sich sogar den zerstreutesten Schwatztanten im Publikum mit. Dezember war es wieder so weit: Foto C Monika Rittershaus.

In Salzburg wird sie exklusiv schon ab dem Woher so kurzfristig einen Ersatzmann bekommen, der die ausverkaufte Vorstellung retten kann?

Am Sonntag, den 5. Jonas Kaufmann hat besagte Summe. Georg Freund, Der Neue Merker, He sculpted long pianissimo phrases that took our breath away, if not his.

Martin Bernheimer, Financial Times Mr. Kaufmann, a Met superstar who recently performed a rare song recital on the Met stage, was a handsome, vocally splendid Faust.

He sang the pensive and romantic passages with veiled dusky colorings and tender lyricism, and unleashed pent-up power in full-bodied phrases, capped by fearless high notes.

Heide Waleson, The Wall Street Journal As Faust, Jonas Kaufmann showed once again that he can sing just about any tenor part better than just about anyone else in the opera world.

Generally, when operatic lovers spend the better part of an. But in the extended Act III seduction scene, these two modulate from the modest to the flirty to the reluctant to the anguished to the smoldering with a level of musicianship and emotional intensity that is ravishing.

Adam Green, Vogue His voice is in glorious form, supple, strong and tinged with baritone-like depths. Demeure chaste et pure was inflected with tender lyricism, culminating in a joyous powerful high C.

Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim, The Classical Review His voice is pure gold, and few tenors show as much total emotional control as he does. Howard Kissel, The Huffington Post.

Das Lied-Recital, das Helmut Deutsch und er am Dazwischen gibt es Statements von Helmut und mir. Wir hoffen, dass Ihnen. Februar , im Stephaniensaal in Graz Februar , in der Berliner Philharmonie Februar , im Theatre des Champs-Elysees in Paris Februar oder im Festspielhaus Baden-Baden Senior Editor Louise T.

Doch wurde es die Rolle ihres Lebens. Cilea lebte von bis , war somit ein Zeitgenosse von Richard Strauss. Und so war es auch: Doch wie sollte dieses Portrait aussehen, und wer sollte es gestalten?

Nur vierzehn Tage nach dem Erstverkaufstag In den vergangenen Jahre erhielten u. Kaufmanns Partnerin als Elsa ist Annette Dasch.

So sehr die Konstruktion des Eigenheims polarisierte, so einig war man sich bei den Bauherren: Texte zu Lohengrin von Thomas Voigt.

Kontakt Impressum Datenschutz Nutzungsbedingungen. Facebook Twitter Instagram Sony. Das Lied von der Erde Am Dienstag, den Benno Hunziker "Ein Beispiel: Maximiliansorden Jonas Kaufmann wurde am Jonas in einem Interview mit der Mezzosopranistin Susan Graham.

New York Jonas Kaufmann ist am 5. September um Harald Hoffmann c Sony Music Entertainment. Live im Netz und zeitversetzt im ORF: Akt in Boston und New York Tristan, 2.

Live im Kino, zeitversetzt auf Arte: Jonas Kaufmann Residency at Barbican:

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